Very often, what is happening on our campuses and what is happening in our online teaching – our virtual campuses you might say – is not that well integrated. Last week we had a guest researcher, Ludmilla Jordanova, visiting our department. She presented her research in our higher seminar where undergraduate students were also invited, as well as met with many of our postdocs and PhD students during the week. But how could we make our online students benefit from this visit? This was all the more important since Ludmilla is the author of a textbook, History in Practice, used in one of our courses. Well, first the teacher for this particular course (Prof. Christer Nordlund) invited our online students to formulate questions that they wanted to direct to our guest. In the next step, we recorded a short conversation between him and Ludmilla where he asked her about particular features of the book. In the next step this video was made available to our students on the course platform. As simple as that!

Here is the recorded video: